Rust is a Habitable Color 

This project is rooted in Copra Crane, the last remnant hand-operated machinery used for transporting a large amount of copra from ships to plants in coconut meal industry, locating alongside Islais Creek in the south of San Francisco City. As a highly-visible landmark, it represents the thriving Pacific oceanic industrial ensemble in the late 20th century and is a very epitome of labour history. 

It has been taken down to sections in a deserted parking lot for around 20 years. The rust grows up as fast as weeds, soaking in the rain and the sunshine year after year, which turns the lot into a wandering park for graffiti artists and skateboarders. The photographs of the scattered structure and the rust on its surface transform the forepassed bitter into the imprint of time, encouraging to recall its grand past and commemorate the human history.